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Whats In Your Watch? The Vis Vires Watch Quality Guarantee.

Vis Vires watch 316L stainless steel Miyota super GL20 quartz movement mineral glass sony battery 3ATM


When it comes to watches, quality matters. What we have done is created a superior quality of watch from the inside out for an affordable price. Combining minimalist design on the watch case and dial with interchangeable fashion with our range of straps, ranging from hardwearing yet aesthetic stainless steel mesh to genuine leather in a contrast of colours from Black and Brown to True Nude and White. The combination of quality, minimalism and our sense of elegant style leaves us with a truly stunning timepiece that doesn't miss a second. Available in both silver and rose gold.


The Miyota Super GL20 Quartz Movement.

Quality comes from within, The Miyota Super GL20 Quartz Movement is world renowned for being a superior, precise and reliable movement. Made in Japan, with stainless steel casing to ensure quality throughout the Super GL20 is built purely for quality, precision and longevity. Complete with a Sony Lithium Ion battery also made in Japan to ensure reliability. The movement is covered by our Vis Vires 1 year guarantee.

316L Surgical Standard Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is good, 316L Surgical Standard Stainless Steel is better. Non magnetic and built for a higher level of resistance to corrosion than standard stainless steel! One thing to look out for when buying a watch is that its not made from Alloy or standard stainless steel, if you're looking for a watch to last you a long time then go for 316L or other precious metals built for longivity.

Hardened Mineral Glass

Mineral glass has great optical clarity, reasonable scratch resistance, reasonable impact resistance, decent temperature-extreme tolerance so its an all round great glass to use on a timepiece. Yet cuts the cost of other crystal glasses saving you a lot of money, making our timepieces more affordable.

Thin Yet Quality Design Casing

The problem we hear a lot about watches with a thicker case, especially for men is that they crease shirts and other clothing whilst wearing the watch. Our 6mm thin case can elegantly tuck inside or over the garments whilst looking elegant and fashionable. Available in a 36mm case for women and a slight larger 40mm case for men, minimalism was a factor throughout.

Minimalist Dial Design

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is proven to be true with our minimalist dial design, creating an elegant look. Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction, minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus. When we designed the watch dials we had this following quote to rule by

 “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Vis Vires Miyota super GL20 movement

Vis Vires Watch Case

Vis Vires minimalist watch dial