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First Post

   "Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action."    

                                                                                                                      - Napoleon Hill 

Here's to the start . . .

            The thing we want most at Vis Vires is for our fans to be proud of our brand and what we stand for. The backbone of our brand is to involve our customers as much as possible, which is the main reason for starting this blog to keep you updated with our activities, announcements, special events and new product launches. 

  We will be launching the Heritage range of watches towards the end of September - beginning of October. An accurate date will be given in the short future and we will make our products available to pre order before then.. If possible we will post out to you before the official launch date! Now there's a treat! To make sure you don't miss out on the launch of Vis Vires, you can subscribe to our newsletter which will include the official launch date.

 A lot of hard work and effort has created the Vis Vires brand, and we see this as the very beginning. We will strive for innovation in the watch industry and deliver to you the latest fashions and technology at affordable prices. We are very proud of our brand and we want you to see why! Affordable yet luxurious, Thin yet hardwearing high quality stainless steel timepieces. Interchangeable leather straps and nato bands make it easy for you to change the look of your Vis Vires timepiece and doesn't limit you from keeping up with the latest colour trends. Named after historic stately homes in the United kingdom and the 'Chesterfield' Named to represent the small town we run our business from in the United Kingdom.

However our brand name Vis Vires, is of latin origin. Vis Vires stands for
'By Power, Strength And Force'
And we will grow our brand with these 3 words as a principle baseline.
To celebrate the launch of Vis Vires, we will be giving away a  timepiece over on our Facebook page and will also include this on our first newsletter. 


Thankyou for reading our first blog post,

I hope this helped you to understand a little about what Vis Vires stands for as a brand, and our mission to innovate the watch industry!